Education and Outreach

Alexandra Teleki was appointed associate senior lecturer (docent) in Pharmaceutics at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University in 2020. She teaches pharmaceutics, drug development and nanomedicine in several courses at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Selected Courses

  • 3FG013 Introduction to Nanomedicine: A graduate level course that covers the basic principles of nanomedicine ranging from nanomaterial synthesis and characterization, behavior in biological fluids, interactions with cells and tissues in the body, nanotoxicology to biomedical applications.  
  • 3FK229 Drug Discovery and Development: A graduate level course on the journey of a drug from an idea to the market, covering all phases of drug development from target identification to commercialization.

Scientific Outreach

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Hur fungerar svårlösliga läkemedel i kroppen?