CRS Nordic Chapter Webinar with presentations by Prof. Anette Müllertz on oral lipid-based drug delivery systems, University of Copenhagen, and Alexandra Teleki on magnetic theranostic nanomaterials for treatment of IBD, Uppsala University!

JPharmSciences: Our recent publication by PhD student Shno Asad in JPharmSciences has been highlighted by the editors and selected for the “Virtual Issue: Most Original and Most Significant Scientific Findings“- Congratulations!


UU News: ERC Grant for research on new method to diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease.

NordicPOP News: Three Nordic POP units hosting a new European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant

SciLifeLab News: Three SciLifeLab researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants

SciLifeLab News: Fellows receive funding to form new collaborations within the National Molecular Medicine Program (NMMP)

Previous Years

ETH Life: Nanopartikel gegen Eisenmangel (2010)

Nutrition Insight: Alexandra Teleki Wins First Prize in DSM Science & Technology Awards (South) 2009

Nanowerk: Swiss nanotechnology researcher wins first prize in DSM Science and Technology Awards (2009)

Nutraingredients: Young nano scientist scoops €10,000 DSM award (2009)