Researchers, Post Docs and PhD Students

Hannah Pohlit


Hannah Pohlit studied biomedical chemistry at Mainz University in Germany with the main subjects analytical chemistry and immunology. Her PhD at Mainz University was about degradable and protein-loaded poly(ethylene glycol) nanocarriers for allergy therapy where she both synthesized the polymer, formulated the nanoparticles and did the physical and biological characterization. Hannah moved to Uppsala for a short postdoc in Jöns Hilborn’s group at the polymer chemistry division where she tailor-made hydrogels for cell cultures. In 2018, Hannah started working as a postdoc in Maria Tenje’s group at Uppsala University, focussing on thin hydrogel membranes for cell cultures in microfluidic devices (organ-on-chip applications).

Ann-Christin Jacobsen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ann-Christin Jacobsen holds a PhD degree in Technological Pharmacy from the University of Southern Denmark. The focus of her PhD project was developing novel tools to evaluate the oral performance of enabling formulations of poorly soluble drugs with special emphasis on combined dissolution/permeation approaches. She graduated from the University of Southern Denmark with a master’s degree in Pharmacy with focus on technological pharmacy in 2017. Her current research focuses on oral peptide and protein delivery with special emphasis on the use of transient permeation enhancers. These formulations are studied using a novel combined lipolysis/permeation approach recently developed at Uppsala University.

Shno Asad

PhD student

Shno Asad graduated with a Master’s degree in pharmacy and chemistry from the University of Gothenburg in January 2019. Her current work aims to develop a new strategy to diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) using functional nanomaterials. By creating an oral vehicle that incorporates magnetic nanoparticles, she aims to establish a noninvasive diagnostic approach, as well as to deliver therapeutics in a localized manner for a more efficient and targeted treatment.


Best poster award at ICONAN 2019 (International Conference on Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology), Munich, Germany.

Shaquib Rahman Ansari

PhD student

Shaquib Rahman Ansari graduated from the University of Copenhagen with an MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has worked with liposomal vaccines for intra-pulmonary delivery. His current research goal is to develop stimuli-responsive oral drug delivery systems, e.g. by magnetic hyperthermia, to facilitate non-invasive local delivery of macromolecular drugs in the intestine.

Yuming Zhang

PhD student

Yuming Zhang graduated with an MSc in Medical Biology from Linköping University in 2021, with a focus on the development of gold nanoparticle-based vaccines. The aim of her PhD research is to develop a non-invasive diagnostic method for early detection of colorectal cancer using functionalized superparamagnetic nanoparticles.

Yael del Carmen Suárez López

PhD student

Yael del Carmen Suárez López received a BSc. in Biotechnology Engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Afterwards, she was awarded an EMJMD Scholarship to carry out a MSc. in Nanomedicine for drug delivery at University of Paris. She completed her master thesis on NIR-luminescent nanoparticles for selective oligonucleotide detection at the Karolinska Institute before joining the TelekiLab. Her current research aims to engineer iron oxide-based magnetic biosensors to quantify inflammatory bowel disease activity by magnetic imaging techniques such as MRI and MPI.